The curriculum includes the fundamentals of planning, control and communication, providing participants with the skills to successfully implement IT projects in a variety of organizational environments.

Alsu Valieva (higher education. Tallinn University, Master’s degree. Specialty: Slavic languages and cultures, Pedagogy. Tupolev Kazan Technical University. A.N. Tupolev, Master’s degree. Specialty: public relations specialist). Project manager, educator, mentor.

Target group: Junior and middle managers, project managers of all spheres, organizers of short-term projects, budgetary workers.

1.General information

The curriculum consists of a stationary theoretical, independent work and practical part.

2. Purpose

The aim of this course is to provide current and future managers with tools and practices for successful implementation and management of IT projects.

3. Learning outcomes

According to the results of training, the student:

– realizes the role of a project manager

-knows how to use agile tools in the organization

-knows how to ensure the trust of all stakeholder groups during the project

– knows how to manage time and schedule

– knows how to hire IT-specialists and manage a dispersed team

-knows what modern approaches can be used to effectively manage an IT project

4. total amount of training

The training program provides 198 ac.h. (of which 174 credit hours – classroom and practical work and 24 credit hours – independent work).