Course Objective:
The objective of this course is to teach website creation using the WordPress platform and to develop skills in setup and optimization to support search engines.

Course Duration:
142 academic hours (127 academic hours of classroom work + 15 academic hours of practical and independent work).

Method of Instruction:
The course is delivered through lectures and practical sessions.

Target Audience:
This course is designed for beginners in web development who wish to learn from scratch. The curriculum is adapted to the students’ level of knowledge and individual needs.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Installation and setup
  • Pages and posts
  • Creating posts or pages
  • Text formatting
  • Working with links
  • Multimedia
  • Category management
  • Using plugins and themes
  • Installing plugins
  • Installing new themes
  • WordPress settings
  • Website user management
  • Comment management
  • Working with widgets
  • Creating custom menus
  • Maintenance and security
  • Website backup
  • WordPress updates

Upon Completion of the Course, Students Will Be Able To:

  • Set up a local server
  • Configure and manage it
  • Use a content management system based on WordPress
  • Have basic knowledge and skills to manage a website

Evaluation Method:

  • Testing
  • Practical assignments
  • Examination

Requirements for Course Completion, Including Evaluation Method and Criteria:
To successfully complete the course, students must: attend at least 70% of online classes, complete all required assignments, and pass the final exam with a score of at least 70%.

Requirements for Instructor Qualification:
Experience in SEO for over 10 years. Certifications: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Yoast SEO Academy, Hubspot SEO Academy. Clients include: Western Digital, Yoola Group Scandinavia, PullmanGroupp, Finterum, Finexmo, and other major brands.

Language of Instruction: Russian.

Course Fee: 1700 euros.

Training Program: Website Creation and Management on the WordPress Platform
Introduction – What is WordPress
– General information about website structure
2 academic hours
Basic WordPress Operations – WordPress Installation. Initial setup
– Gutenberg Page Editor
– Creating Pages, Posts, and Categories
– WordPress Plugins. Installation and Configuration
– WordPress Widgets. Menu Creation
– WordPress Themes. Installation and Configuration
– Website Backup
– Website Migration to Web Hosting
40 academic hours classroom work + 3 academic hours – practical and independent work
Advanced Settings – How to identify that a website uses WordPress, identify the theme and plugins used
– Adding anchor links to the menu and buttons
– Automatic plugin and theme updates
– Alternative migration method using All in One Migrate
– Managing website users
25 academic hours classroom work + 3 academic hours – practical and independent work
Website SEO Basics – Site Semantic Core
– Indexing setup
– Snippet creation
– Basic usability principles
– Use of SEO plugin
10 academic hours classroom work + 2 academic hours – practical and independent work
Website Creation – Creating a business card website using a template
– Creating a business card website through a visual constructor
10 academic hours classroom work + 5 academic hours – practical and independent work
Useful Plugins – Site security
– Localization of plugins and themes
– Surveys and ratings
– Social services
– Newsletter subscription
– Forum addition
– Beautiful login page
20 academic hours classroom work + 2 academic hours – practical and independent work
Website Promotion – Registration in search engines
– Integration of counters and analytics
– Website loading speed optimization
5 academic hours classroom work